Pericula Ltd provides waste management solutions for commercial, municipal and hazardous waste materials in the UK and around the World since 2009. We work with a number of waste processing facilities around the world and in the UK to provide them with:-


  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Industrial waste


Pericula works with it’s partners to provide the best solutions for all the waste streams, we offer energy recovery, recycling and disposal options.


Our customers range from waste producers and waste management companies to municipalities and governments. 

Pharmacuitcal Waste

Pericula is licensed to dispose of pharmacutical waste EWC 18 01 09 and controlled drugs for energy reocvery at our facility in South Wales

Alternative Fuels

Pericula are contracted to a number of Energy from Waste plants sourcing alternative Fuels

Industrial Waste

Pericula offers a number of solutions for industrial waste material.


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